Beauty Way

Trio Rio
Eliza Gilkyson / Matt Andes


 Beauty Way 3:50 (Eliza Gilkyson / Mark Andes)   Bluewater Music Corp

      Ronnie Glover - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

      Don Paddock - Bass

      Ron Rutowski - Fiddle

      Nils Lofgren - Electric Guitar

      Ken Skaggs - Lap Steel, Electric Guitar 

      Clarke Rigsby - Baritone Guitar, High Strung Acoustic Guitar

      Sean Paddock - Drums, Percussion


The Beauty Way - Eliza Gilkyson


My Daddy made a pretty damn good living playing music on the beauty way

He’s gonna die with some money in his pocket

Wish I could the same today little darlin’

Wish I could do the same today


Wide-eyed kid and a little transistor, tuned in to Wolfman Jack

I picked up a guitar, heard the sirens whisper

And I never looked back little darlin’

And I never looked back


I worked the clubs along the Sangre de Cristos, polished a diamond in the rough

By the time I hit LA I was hotter than a pistol

But you’re never hot enough little darlin’

You’re never really hot enough


I’ve felt the lights on the big, big stages, a fire burning in my soul

I had those night where my guitar was raging

It’s not something you control little darlin’

It’s not something you control




Red-tail diving for a rat on Sunset, coyotes pickin’ through the trash

I wish I was lying like a cat in the sun

Instead of working like a dog for the cash little darlin’

I’m only workin for the cash


Sometimes I wish I could unplug this cord and my soul or my money I could save

But every time I say I’m gonna quit the beauty way 

I feel my bones just turning in the grave little darlin’

Bones turning in the grave

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