The members of Trio Rio are Ronnie Glover (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Don Paddock (bass, vocals), and Ron Rutowski (fiddle/violin, vocals). 

Trio Rio, founded in August of 2007 is the result of three friends who had worked together on various recording and performance projects in the Phoenix area for years who then decided to combine their shared musical tastes and interests while accenting their individual roots. 

The Trio Rio sound since its beginning has been compelled by a synergy of the diverse musical abilities and backgrounds of the members. 

Ronnie migrated from Texas to Arizona in the mid 70’s He brought his alt- country/outlaw influences along with his love for the singer/songwriter genre. 

Don worked the Northern New York rock-n-roll circuit and added his R&B bass lines to the mix while Ron, who was was classically trained early on in Los Angeles provided his diverse stylistic fiddle skills to complete  their “Southwestern Americana” sound. 

The band’s many influences and skills are evident in their two CD projects, Trio Rio con Amigos (2014) and Tequila Sunsets (2018). 

Trio Rio’s “Southwestern Americana” sound satisfies the tastes of the western swing, country and bluegrass fans while also staying true to the soul of the ballads and the blues.